The Prometheus Connection

America's Original Spirit: Rise, Demise, Recovery

by  Kevin Osborne

Book Review by Alex Bleier

I'm one of those who believes that we still have a chance to recapture our freedom, even as most politicians drive us toward Omnipotent Government.  What insights and ideas do we need to fight them?  Yes, we need a rational philosophy; but, to devise a clear path to the Second Renaissance of the human spirit we also need an understanding of how we got here. 

Where do we start? For me it starts with Ayn Rand; her essays in her book For the New Intellectual, changed and saved my life; the lead article enables us to grasp and integrate causal historical connections -- history at its best. In this tradition, Kevin Osborne's, The Prometheus Connection (TPC), highlights key factors in the rise, demise, and resurrection of America's fundamental ideals – history at its best. Knowing how we got here, how we lost our freedom, informs our understanding of what is needed to recapture it.

Osborne's theme, "America's Original Spirit," centers on reason-based defiance.  He connects the American Revolution to Prometheus, that world-famous "icon of defiance" in the face of tyrannical authority. 

Like most people, I'm familiar with our history and with the Ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, the 'fire-bringer.'  Getting a new perspective on each subject and finding them both ingeniously integrated in Kevin Osborne's, The Prometheus Connection (TPC), gave me great pleasure.  True to the title, Osborne indeed provides "connections" in the form of a number of vivid parallels and key ideas: 

•   Torch of Reason: the flaming torch by which Prometheus brought the god-like fire of reason and thought to mankind reminds us of the fire of Enlightenment philosophy that inspired   America's Founders to defy the tyrannical authority of King and God.
•   Religious and Government Tyranny: Zeus', the great icon of tyrannical authority parallels the contemporary tyranny of Big Government and God.
•   Chains: Zeus' chains that bound Prometheus calls to mind the programmed subjugation of today in the form of coercive government regulation and religious doctrine.
•   Heracles: Heracles breaks the chains that bound Prometheus, just as the champion of human reason, Ayn Rand, showed us how to sever the coercive chains of Big Government  and God.  
•   Intellectual Property Rights: Osborne also offers valuable insights into the key role intellectual property rights played in the rise of America.  

Osborne makes good on his implied promise to project the "recovery" of America's original spirit.  

He takes the reader on an excursion into America's Second Age of Reason, an age in which coercion has been banned from human affairs, be it from private or government sources.

Unfortunately, current generations of school children are widely exposed to outright distortion of America's history, if they are exposed to history at all.  For them, The Prometheus Connection can provide an invaluable primer for the actual history of America and an introduction to fighting for their freedom.   

The Prometheus Connection, a relatively short book, will return you to the spirit and intent of America's Founding Fathers. With deft and compelling strokes, Osborne reminds us of America's noble story, which is our own.  

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